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Qui puoi risparmiare tempo e denaro, proteggere la tua salute e, in ultima analisi, garantire la massima efficienza.

We design, manufacture and install.

Technological solutions for excellent results.


Paint booths and plants

Blowtherm is a leading manufacturer of paint booths and finishing equipment for the automotive and industrial sectors. Our high-quality systems are installed worldwide, full of new technology and smart controls while guaranteeing quality and safety. With our advanced know-how of the painting and finishing processes, the management of well-orchestrated projects along with an efficient local and remote support service are what set our company apart. Innovative, customised layouts allow our customers to optimise their daily operations and achieve excellent results, profitability and performance.

Air tech and heating

We have been setting standards in generating and distributing heat for over half a century. Controlling temperature, pressure and air renewal with our hot air generators in civil and industrial plants is a long-standing experience. By taking an integrated view of individual requirements we succeed in fulfilling the most diverse demands from ventilation to heating to air replacement. Our in-depth knowledge of burners combined with heat generators set us apart.. Using eco-friendly technology and smart controls we save energy and reduce our customers’ operation costs.

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Research and development

Customer-centered innovation never stands still in Blowtherm.


Our mission is quality, safety, technological innovation and excellence in company processes.

To be competitive, you have to be the best. Our specialist technological and application know-how and our quest for constant innovation enable Blowtherm to successfully face the challenges of the global market, translating its expertise and first-hand R&D activities into practical, reliable and customized solutions.

Engineers, product specialists, production and service departments: all are committed to fine-tuning every product and solution to guarantee excellence in specific application processes. Product development does not end before the sale. Design based on individual customer’s specifications plays an important role.

Mechanicals, electronics and “smart” services. Hands-on innovation. Every single day.



Eco-friendly: smart technology to cut costs while respecting the environment

What we do today paves the way for tomorrow. By limiting and optimising energy consumption, we can contribute towards safeguarding the environment while ensuring tangible savings.

Which is why Blowtherm constantly makes significant investments in high-performance, eco-efficient technologies. It may be specific components and features implemented in the overall system which provide measurable benefits and results. It’s Blowtherm’s “blue & green” heating technology, related smart controls and how they are interconnected. Our “eco-friendly” technology combines top-class performance, energy savings and low maintenance. The possibility of predictive maintenance from local or even remote systems helps our customers ensure their systems are always up and running.

Blowtherm’s goal is to develop products and solutions to optimise the total cost of ownership. Providing sustainable benefits in the long-term to cut costs, with reliable, ready-to-use, certified technology.



Made in Italy. Listening to the world.

The quality and reliability of Blowtherm’s products and solutions are the result of linking tradition and innovation. Our history bears witness to this.

Blowtherm’s quality encompasses products, the up-to-date professional approach of its workforce and a well-established organisation that learns from its daily activities. A quality that constantly evolves, respecting the most advanced international standards while taking on the stimulating challenges of a global market.

A winning quality because it is “Made in Italy”, rewarded by global recognition. The knowledge acquired is channelled back into the development and improvement of products and solutions, as well as in the optimisation of processes.

The name you trust. The quality our customers deserve.




Everything under control. Safe and secure.

For us, safety is not just a legal obligation; it is an important value and underlying principle.

We incorporate safety relevant benefits directly into the design of products and processes, provide decades of experience in the sector, in-depth knowledge of the most demanding standards, innovative technology, carefully designed human-machine interfaces, data protection and security.

Contributing that people who use our products are safe and secure really matters to us. Our customers can put all their energy into their daily business to make their work environment more productive and profitable.

Blowtherm. A long tradition in quality and safety.


History and identity

Wher Eng. Giovanni Peghin sets up the company. Premises and factory Blowtherm Padova 1956

Ambition and dedication, every single day. And, above all, passionate warmth.

Over sixty years ago Engineer Giovanni Peghin founded Blowtherm back in 1956. Since then, the love for our work and enthusiasm in facing the complex challenges of a dynamic and constantly evolving market has made the company thrive. Today it is an international group led by Francesco Peghin.

In the first few decades, Blowtherm has grown constantly in the field of civil and industrial heating. The 1970s marked a major turning point: the company applied its extensive know-how to a different application technology: the design and production of spray booths and ovens for finishing. This is also the beginning of Blowtherm’s expansion to international markets.

Many Blowtherm spray booths produced in the 70’s and 80’s are still in operation today, producing quality finishes. The life of the product is important to Blowtherm and our customers, this durability is a result of quality materials and superior engineering.

In heating, the company combines its extensive expertise in burners, hot air generators, controlling air pressure and air flow. In specialised fields, it offers innovative heating solutions for energy saving, to guarantee reduced running costs and maximum safety.

Blowtherm combines perseverance and in-depth knowledge in understanding how to seize opportunities and recognise trends. With its pioneering spirit, it stays ahead of the curve, offering cutting-edge solutions to its customers.


Discover the Blowtherm world. Stay tuned!

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