Extra - spray booth. Top Model. Endless configuration options.

Paint booth Extra

The extra high-performance spray booth for brilliant results

Optimal oven temperature
Fast response to set temperature with minimal temperature variations.
Smart ventilation
Zoned and controlled air speed, directed only where it is needed on the vehicle, using less energy. Atex on request.
Smart and 4.0 booth control
Faster and more efficient painting processes thanks to proprietary SW algorithms and user adjustable working cycles. Remote control via internet.
Controlled humidity
Humidity control and air management inside the booth. Better paint curing lowers material costs.
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An impeccable job requires a high-performance and highly flexible paint booth. The Blowtherm Extra is the most complete paint booth on the market, packed with technological solutions. A central element for all automotive and industrial paint applications.

The innovative Blowpower™ system components allow the finishing processes to be sped up, thus saving energy and improving the quality of the air. The intelligent combination and digital integration with Industry 4.0 connectivity lead to the best work results and increased environmental friendliness.

You work in complete safety inside an innovative, versatile and highly efficient spray paint booth.

Enter the 3D Extra spray booth

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  • Modulating direct fired gas burner or indirect gas/oil burner
  • Industrial PLC touchscreen control panel (5.7″ or 10.1″)
  • Heat recovery unit
  • Speedcure™ and water-borne paint programms
  • Blowlight™ LED lighting
  • Fully windowed four-wing vehicle entry door
  • Compliance EN 16985 and multiple international/national spray booth standards and regulatory codes.

Optional add-ons

  • Automatic front or side roll-up entrance door
  • Full glass wall panels
  • Storage box inside the booth
  • Integrated pneumatic ramp
  • Integrated hydraulic under body lift system
  • Blowtherm Lean Car Mover™
  • Fire damper, Atex components
  • Top-level safety relay
  • Rear or side wall exhaust extraction
  • Multi-level filter system based on the paint used (paint-stop, synthetic, paper, active carbon)
  • Thermal ventilating unit pre-assembled and/or mounted on top of the spray booth
  • Heating system with electric or water heating elements
  • Adiabatic or isothermal humidification
  • Air cooling for total control of process conditions in the booth
  • Ultra Air Speed™ ventilation system (manual, remote control, automatic laser control)
  • Accelerated Airflow System in box corner
  • Special installations with conveyor
  • Blowtherm Process Manager 4.0 (BPM), Blowtherm Process Performance Center (BPPC)
marcatura CE
Certificato di conformità EAC
The features and technical data are provided by way of example and for illustration purposes only, so must be checked by our technicians in the specific applications.
Blowpower: green & blue


Increases productivity and reduces energy consumption

For more than twenty years, Blowpower™ represents the DNA behind Blowtherm’s innovation. It stands for superior level of power, safety and energy saving. The speed and precision of the painting process increases with its perfect management and distribution of air. The filter system ensures a safe and clean working environment in all applications. Now, thanks to new technology, Blowpower™ “green & blue” is even more versatile, eco-efficient and connected.

Zoned airflow. Laser controls. Reduction of energy consumption.
Ultra Air Speed™ ventilation system

Choose the most effective and innovative ventilation system ever. Thanks to the zoned and modulated airflow, work cycles will be even faster.

Now also with Laser Detection of the operator and intelligent activation of hyperventilation only where it is needed.

Find more about Ultra Air Speed
Pannello di controllo PLC
PLC Blowtherm

The Blowtherm PLC platform is the modern foundation for all data-driven painting applications

Creates tangible digital value: functionality, connectivity, performance and service at the highest levels



Explore the PLC potential
Blowtherm Process Manager
Speed Cure™ program

Get ultra-rapid performances in your work. You will be able to complete your work more quickly with shorter drying times thanks to the innovative Speed Cure™ program.

Gestisci meglio la tua attività
Direct fired burner

Designed to work more efficiently and reliably even at higher temperatures, the modulating direct fired burner allows precision temperature control in the booth.

Discover the Blowtherm burner
Energy consumption reduced up to 70%. Summer Winter Bypass. Solid construction.
Heat recovery system

The recuperator unit recovers heat that normally is exhausted and cycles it back into the booth saving operational fuel costs.

Vedi come funziona il recuperatore di calore
Multi-level system. Easy maintenance.
Filter system

An air quality in the booth like you have never experienced before. Get perfect results while working in total safety.

Scopri il funzionamento del sistema di filtraggio

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Optimum temperature and humidity in paint shops: brilliant results!

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Blowpower™: the paint system with green and blu technologies

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