• Tensotruttura esercito estone
  • Riscaldamento ventilazione tensostruttura
  • Tensotruttura esercito estone
  • Riscaldamento ventilazione tensostruttura

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Makeup Air and heating for leisure lightweight construction

To bridge the winter season in Estonia, a lightweight hall was built where soldiers meet in their free time. The hall is set up temporarily for 6 months each calendar year.


The customer asked us to build an economical heating and air make up system in order to maintain a constant internal temperature of approx. 18/20 ° C even at an outside temperature of -10 ° C. An adequate exchange and renewal of air avoids also the formation of condensation on the inner walls. The relative humidity is continuously monitored.


We delivered an IH/AR 400 hot air generator for outdoor installation. Regulation via air control flaps allows the proportion of fresh supply air and recirculating air to be varied. The relative humidity level is measured by sensors and regulated automatically.

In order to ensure the operational safety of the hot air generator burner even at extremely low temperatures in winter, an additional electrical heating element was installed. This means that all electrical components of the burner are always ready for operation.

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