Buses, trucks, trains, vans and camper

Blowtherm solutions for the preparation and painting of buses, lorries, trucks, tractors, trailers, trains and carriages, campers and vans


Our technicians focus on designing efficient and lean plant layouts, essential for large vehicles and commercial vehicles. We minimize project cycle times and ensure optimal planning reliability. Built with 360° quality standards, which make Blowtherm the leading supplier: high performance key components, extraordinary flexibility, long life product life cycle and maximum attention to operator safety and protection. We closely support our customers after handing over the paint shop and provide start-up assistance, production monitoring, technical service and remote support.

The best solution for every business and process

OEM manufacturers

Bespoke plants dedicated to OEM manufacturers, suitable for complete painting processes for long and large vehicles, which must guarantee reliability, high productivity and rapid application during long working shifts

Industrial body shops

Tailor made solutions for the repair of large vehicles, responding at its best to a high variability in production volumes, ready for extended industry 4.0 functionalities with particular attention to run the shop economically

Smart repair and more

Solutions suitable for Smart Repair, intended for body shops repairing vehicles such as campers, minibuses and vans, made to keep costs low

From design to commissioning, to work at its best

Flexible layout

Maximum productivity

Configurations suitable for different production needs, with paint shops of different sizes depending on the production volumes. Blowtherm supports the customer and the engineering specialists to design the most suitable layout and workflows of the plant, teaming up to achieve the best result in terms of productivity, eco-efficiency and cost. Each solution can be equipped with different types of entrance doors, swing and wing doors or roller shutters. The installation can be with or without the need for excavation.

Air Makeup Units

Eco-efficiency and clean air

The ventilation inside the cabins or XL surface prep booths must be uniform in every point, with an optimal temperature and, if necessary, with humidity control. Blowtherm direct fired thermal ventilating units save energy and manage the air both in recirculation mode and with a mix of fresh outdoor air. In combination with an advanced filtration system, they ensure clean, dust-free air. The units are placed either on the side of the booth or above the plenum, saving precious production space for optimized footprint.

Smart controls

Green & blue technologies

Precise temperature, humidity, sectional ventilation, air balancing. Controlled with the Blowtherm industrial PLC, a sophisticated electronic system that also manages maintenance issues, supervises the manufacturing processes, and provides real time information on work batches. Also with Scada and 4.0 integration to analyze, track and document each process and production batch.

See PLC controller systems

Reference Projects

Verniciare in modo efficiente autoveicoli e veicoli commerciali

Un impianto di verniciatura completo per ogni tipo di veicolo

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A flexible paint shop for cars and commercial vehicles of different sizes

A complete and affordable system for efficient painting of cars and delivery vans

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Impianto a elevata efficienza per la manutenzione di autobus

Risparmio di spazio e costi contenuti: la soluzione per migliorare la produttività

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Painting of railway vehicles in best working conditions

An industrial outdoor paint shop with modern ventilation and air conditioning technology

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Painting of cars and trucks. The future-proof system.

State of the art technologies and layout for lower energy consumption, reduction of emissions, speed and versatility in all workflows.

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Paint booth and preparation area custom. Maximum bodyshop flexibility.

Excellent workflow and maximum flexibility for the entire vehicle mix

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OEM factory bus paint booth

System consisting of two in-line paint booth with  side roll-up doors

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Painting of railway tank and silo wagons

The high-quality spray painting of railway wagons is economical and safe thanks to the tracks integrated in the floor, the size of the spray booth oven and a sufficiently dimensioned ventilation.

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Paint shop for trains

System consisting of two in-line paint booth

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Paint shop for trains

Paint shop for trains with paint-lift

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Paint shop for trains

System consisting of three large-scale booth ovens

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