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The best solutions for ventilation and heating of sports facilities

In a world that is increasingly characterized by a sedentary lifestyle, physical activity is a growing need. At least 35 million people in Italy devote their free time to exercising.

There are different types of sports centers: gyms, swimming pools or multidisciplinary facilities. While new structures are being created, the existing ones are being modernized to adapt the offer to new disciplines such as beach volleyball and paddle.


Air technologies for sustainability, thermal comfort and safety in sports and leisure facilities

Air technologies are of fundamental importance for every application, since both amateur and competitive athletes must be able to carry out their activities under optimal temperature, ventilation, and safety conditions. At the same time, the energy operating costs of gas and electricity are an important item in facility managers calculations.

The aim is to ensure these ideal conditions for top-level sport even when the use of the facilities is concentrated in tight time slots. Measurable energy savings are particularly important in the afternoons and evenings.

The framework conditions have changed due to new standards such as the ERP / EcoDesign guideline and the need to use renewable energies. For this reason, it is important to be able to rely on the expertise of reliable partners who will support you in selecting the best solution within the framework of all requirements to be met and granting operational readiness.

Thanks to technological innovations in heating technology, results can be achieved today that were out of reach a few years ago. The decisive factors here are condensing heat generators, low-NOx burners, the use of frequency inverters and the ultimate tech in PLC remote control systems with touchscreens.

Blowtherm is the partner who can give you specific answers for diverse and complex applications. For new systems and modernization. As a manufacturer of directly fired warm air generators for hall heating and directly heated heating registers for special areas of application, you will find a reliable supplier of ventilation devices and filter technology. From planning to manufacturing to the final stage of commissioning and installing customer-specific applications.

Ventilazione e comfort


Tempered Air Make-Up for sports facilities. Blowtherm is pioneer and industry best practice

Air domes are the best choice for roofing sports halls quickly, inexpensively with a modern design. In the field of air domes and lightweight constructions, Blowtherm has developed a wide range of complete solutions with the systems of IH/AS K condensing warm air heaters. The result of years of application development, research, and high-quality installations. The Blowtherm units are a guarantee for safety and maximum performance.

Thanks to decades of experience in combustion processes, we combine our warm air generators with particularly environmentally friendly gas and diesel burners, which continuously monitor the NOx, CO values ​​and the combustion efficiency during operation.

With reliable and innovative ventilation technology, we have combined the warm air generator with a particularly advanced emergency back-up system. The use of a separate support air unit with an electric motor, which is equipped with frequency-inverter and a separate emergency power generator, has made it possible to introduce a new operating mode in which the fan unit no longer only has a reserve function, but ensures the supply of air in Economy mode. With reduced internal pressure and a reduction in power consumption of over 40%. Everything in absolute security!

For sports facilities in solid construction, it is possible to offer a 360 ° system solution, which spans from central heating boiler and heat generator to directly fired or water circuit-based end devices. For hot water supply, for energy-saving ventilation and air distribution.

Riscaldamento e ventilazione impianto basket


The most advanced heating and ventilation technologies to increase facility performance and indoor air quality

If it is possible to use hot water from a central system or by means of district heating, we offer a range of suitable ventilation end devices with lamellar heat exchangers and electronic control systems. It is also possible to use the natural energy of thermal water sources via the heat exchanger and to recover the natural energy for room heating via intermediate units.

In countries where the use of electrical power is particularly advantageous, solutions are available that contain electrical heating modules, control units and switch cabinets.

The design of air conditioning systems for sports facilities is one of the demanding parts of planning. To limit the effect of hot air stratification, air mixers can be used, which will maintain a uniform temperature over the entire height of the structure and avoid unnecessary additional energy consumption.

During the seasonal heat periods it is possible to cool the environment to increase comfort through various system options, from evaporative cooling to mobile air conditioning.

The importance of data: in order to be able to remotely control the operational functions of your system, to keep an eye on the operating status from anywhere worldwide all around the clock we offer the central PLC controls for the units with cutting edge management and monitoring  technology. The Blowtherm PLC control system with a special Software for sports facilities to dynamically manage your facility safety, comfort.

Gestione remota PLC


Air purification for sports halls. Clean and safe air during your workout activities

Covid-19 has brought issues such as air quality, air renewal in sports facilities and sanitary facilities into focus.

Blowtherm offers a wide range of options. In the generators, the treated air meets the surfaces of the heat exchanger, which can reach temperatures of around 1000 ° C. It goes without saying that this already favors the elimination of thermolabile viruses and bacteria. We also offer accessory kits that enable mechanically controlled renewal of air for sports environments with timed cycles. These cycles can be controlled according to the game breaks. Those who come to play will find a healthy environment with clean air.

We can also offer solutions that can continuously disinfect the air thanks to the most advanced UV-C and other technologies. Only fresh air. Nothing less. This is how we protect people, processes and in secure venues.

Stop Covid 19

Discover the Blowtherm world. Stay tuned!

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