Blowpower™: the paint system with green and blu technologies

Brilliant results and eco-efficient application processes. Safe and secure.


In the last years, suppliers of paint systems for automotive and industrial applications are experiencing increased awareness and expectations regarding pollution, energy consumption, the working conditions of operators and, last but not least, further optimization of processes and work- cycles.

It has become important to reduce the use of overall resources and to optimize the footprint, with secure and flexible solutions that last over time. Blowtherm has taken up these challenges and responded with the upgrade of its Blowpower™ system.

A modern paint system consists of several technological elements:

Schema componenti Blowpower


Full control of the painting process

The synergies between the different technological components, which will be in detail subject of future articles, allows you to perfectly control temperature, pressure, volume and purity of air inside the booth. The entire system optimizes painting and drying processes in a useful and intelligent way. And all this assuring that the operator can perform the job in safety-first conditions.


The airflow, exactly where and how it is needed

With our Ultra Air Speed™ system you can increase air flow to reduce work time and reduce the overall air volume, allowing the paint booth to reduce energy consumption. A well-directed laminar airflow ensures that the so-called “border air” of the painted area is properly dispersed and not over-saturated with water molecules. This system speeds up and makes even water-based paints even more homogeneous for an excellent finish of the surfaces.  The controls can also be done automatically with a new laser detection system.

Funzionamento Ultra Air Speed


Perfect temperature and clean air in the booth

We have further improved our direct fired gas burner. Coming close to 100% thermal efficiency, it allows precise control of the temperature in the booth both during the painting and drying phase. With dynamic modulation of the burner we assure that combustion air is dosed for clean and efficient power generation. The perfect synchronization of the burner with Blowtherm’s ventilation and filtration system always ensures optimal air flow and pressure at all curing temperatures.

Used at different points in the paint process, the inverter allows you to reduce the air flow without compromising the quality of the finish. Thanks to the custom Blowtherm heat exchanger  you can reach up to 70% of heat recovery out of the ejected air.

Blowpower™ means also various levels of filtration that allow maximum airflow without pressure drops. Continuous monitoring of filter saturation avoids incurring in decreasing booth performance with higher energy consumption. Smart alarms and signals show the need for intervention.

To provide you with the best solution to capture overspray and other contaminants we have integrated the Green air purifier™  to eliminate residues of solvents and volatile organic composites (VOC). We keep the air clean, protecting the painter and the environment.


Work at its best with smart controls

With the advanced electronic control panel, all operations can be managed intuitively thanks to an industrial touchscreen hdmi. Software settings allow to configure individual operator profiles for both single booth and multi-plant systems. Thanks to the ready-installed software, the system is equipped with all necessary configurations for a wide range of paint recipes. Others can be freely programmed and added.

In addition, using the Speed Cure™ settings, the drying cycle is accelerated, allowing you to finish the painting job on more vehicles and objects per work shift.

The operating parameters of the paint spray booth, the status of the filters, the duration and cost of the batch: everything is at your fingertips, in real time or with historical data.  And if something is not running smoothly, we are able to connect to local installations to support you with diagnostic and tuning tools. Our team is ready to help, consult with you on ways to improve safety and productivity of your paint system. If needed, fully in line with industry 4.0 standards.

Regolazioni PLC


The right humidity makes a difference

Blowpower™ enables you to make the most out of state-of-the-art paint technologies, which require you to keep the relative humidity level in relation to temperature within well-defined limits. The adiabatic humidity management system, which regulates the air-conditions inside the booth, will lead to Extra high-quality coatings and excellent finishes.

The use of modern paints in the automotive, aeronautical, railway, wood and composite materials fields lead to better results with precise control of these parameters. This option requires expert advice to size and select the most suitable solution for optimizing the specific application process and workflow.


Innovation at Blowtherm is Non-Stop

At Blowtherm, the combination of our high-end solutions is called call Blowpower™, which today becomes even more versatile, eco-efficient and connected. In it are condensed years of experience, the deeply rooted company culture to win technological challenges, years of close relationships with customers. Blowpower™ is synonymous with production and energy efficiency, safety, stable and precise application processes.

Maximum versatility for applications, ecological sensitivity, respect for workers’ conditions and production efficiency: in short, Blowpower™ by Blowtherm.


* The Scada extension and Adiabatic humidification are special custom options. They are not part of the standard Blowpower trade package. Blowpower is a system in line with EN16985 standards. The characteristics and technical data shown are indicative and purely for illustration. For specific information or configurations, please contact our technicians.

Discover the Blowtherm world. Stay tuned!

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